Using the Enneagram in Couples’ Therapy

The Enneagram is particularly useful when working with couples.  It can help them develop a deep appreciation of what motivates their partner, help cut through patterns of blame and recrimination, and enable each partner to learn to adapt their style for more satisfying connection.  At a deeper level, the Enneagram supports each partner in a process of profound self-observation that can facilitate spiritual growth and enhance intimacy within the relationship.

This workshop is designed for graduates of Using the Enneagram in Clinical Practice and will include interviews with couples who have worked with and learned to overcome some of the difficulties associated with predictable type dynamics.

Clinicians receive 10 CEUs for completion of this workshop.


Dates to be determined.  Please contact us if you would like to be included in our mailing.

Fees: $150
Location: 11520 23rd Avenue NE, Seattle

Renie Hope (206) 365-3817

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