The Look-Alike Types

Learn to distinguish between the common look-alike Enneatypes.

Certain Enneatypes can easily be confused with one another because their outward presentation appears so similar, yet their motives and focus of attention are very different.  For instance, Point 2 and Point 9 outwardly appear similar in their desire to be helpful and in their ability to merge and empathize.  However, while the Two wants your approval and is heart-centered, the Nine wants to keep the peace and is body-centered.

Interviewing panels of exemplars who represent the look-alike types, we will discover how these types are similar and dissimilar.  We will learn the questions to ask and what to look and listen for in order to distinguish between these types.

We will explore:

• The Urge to Merge:  Point 2 and Point 9
• Going Against :  Point 6 (counter phobic) and Point 8
• Getting the Job Done:  Point 1 and Point 3
• Creative Angst:  Point 4 and Point 6
• Patterns of Leadership:  Point 3 and Point 8

Clinicians will receive 6 CEUs for participation in this workshop

Prerequisite:  Using the Enneagram in Clinical Practice


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Fees: $125
Location: 11520 23rd Avenue NE, Seattle

Renie Hope, MA, LMHC (206) 365-3817

Debra Janison (360) 292-1220

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