The Instinctual Subtypes of the Enneagram

Deepen your knowledge of the Enneagram in a day-long workshop.

The Enneagram elegantly describes nine points of view

or lenses which shape the way we perceive the world. Each of these nine Points of View is further focused at the instinctual level toward one of three areas of life. These variations are called Instinctual Subtypes. Although we may be aware of the other two instincts, one will predominate and become the arena in which the passion of our point will manifest most intensely. The instincts are:

• SELF-PRESERVATION INSTINCT: attention is focused on getting physical survival needs met such as having a home, food to eat, and money in the bank.

• RELATIONAL OR SEXUAL INSTINCT: attention is focused on one-to-one relationships, the need to be “in tune” with another, and sexuality as an expression of connection.

• SOCIAL INSTINCT: attention is focused on being a member of a group or tribe, social connections, having the group’s approval or accolades, and on society as a whole.

Recognizing our Instinctual Subtype will help us create more balance in our life, work and relationships. It will help those of us who are clinicians fine-tune our use of the Enneagram in our work with our clients. Understanding subtype variations is especially important when using the Enneagram in couples work.

Clinicians will receive 6 CEUs for participation in this workshop.


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