The Enneagram and the Diamond Approach: The Idealized Aspects

Each of the 9 enneatypes idealize and imitate a particular quality of being. These qualities include strength, brilliancy, love, will and joy, among others. This process of idealizing and attempting to imitate these qualities is one of the main reasons we find ourselves continuing to live out the fixated behaviors of our enneatype, even when we’d rather live from more of our true potential.

This workshop, taught by Renie Hope, will provide a taste of the Diamond Approach and will use some of it’s basic practices including inquiry and meditation to help us discover increased freedom to embody more of our potential as human beings.

It is open to current students of the Diamond Approach, as well as people who want to check out our path. Some prior knowledge of the enneagram is helpful, but not required.


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Fees: $175
Location: 11520 23rd Avenue NE, Seattle

Renie Hope at (206) 365-3817 or

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